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Life is full of Paradoxes.

Mama in the Candlelight is the 3rd book in my PARADOX collection.

Readers may unexpectedly find this book is not about motherhood, but about the contemporary silhouette of commonly stirring anxiety transmitted between generations in Chinese community. With the unique legacy of turbulent years, my narration starts from the intriguing but true story of bloody killing by the cold violence fermented from unbalanced ego and irrational discrimination. Particularly, in this true story, my parents are the two opposite protagonists.


On the tenth anniversary of Father’s passing away into the immortal world, I wrote out openly to the world, of all these controversial memories from my own childhood to the growth of my daughter. I want to express my gratitude to my father for his guidance and care towards me all the time, while he was alive and now in the eternity. I am grateful that I can finally be able to realize the endless spiritual heritage of Father’s unconditional love for family and to all the people around us. For the adversities we are, in fact, experiencing together, it is not my intention to blame anyone, or my mother, or the era, or the society.

           I dedicate this book to Father’s soul in heaven, wishing the

faith he stuck to his whole life, that the truth, goodness, and beauty

can prevail in everyone’s heart again, as once they were,

somewhere in our tradition and history.


If you are interested in the full scope of my reflection in the related fields of spirituality, religious discussion, deliberation on medical and legal system, the turbulent trauma transmitted among generations in China, as well as my successful transcendence of holistic health and life, please find more in my PARADOX book collection:

  • The Battle

  • Besiege

  • Mama in the Candlelight

  • The Invisible Power

  • And PARADOX – The compilation


 Transcend your past and ordinary life

 Awaken your energy

 Train your brain

 Stop settling for second best

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