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Rosalyn Hui Zhang was born with a predetermination for schizophrenia in her genes from her mother’s family. Her mother’s latent mental disease meant that Rosalyn’s growth was full of conflict and confusion. When her father unexpectedly died from cancer, her marital breakups became even more traumatic, and it triggered her anxiety, as well as post-partum depression.

Rosalyn experienced early independence. But bad luck always followed. Went through three broken marriages, she had caught up with schizophrenia. Her only daughter, Amy, gave her the strength to fight back on her mental disease with holistic homeotherapy.


In her practice, Rosalyn integrated orthomolecular nutrition, and cellular spiritual mind training. She saw herself as a little laboratory white mouse and finally healed from the complicated mental syndrome of schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, autism, severe sleep deprivation and slow suicide. She rebuilt her business, and strengthened her daughter’s future with faith.


Rosalyn Hui’s episodes of mental disorder, her family’s poor health history, help show that the understanding of disease might need to be evolved in such a changing age: “Medicine isn’t even the best approach to provide a cure.”



I, Rosalyn Hui, was born and raised in China by my parents, often by my father alone, as my mother travelled extensively for her job as an interpreter. I was aware of and deeply affected by the difference in my parents’ temperaments from an early age. My father was an extremely tolarent and hardworking man whose qualities I would later struggle to find in my husband's. My mother was angry and volatile and often unable to control her behaviours as she deteriorated both mentally and physically over the years.

I was a quiet child, and I believe I may have been exhibiting signs of autism. I was an avid reader fascinated with history and religion. I was exposed to Taoism at an early age and felt that I had a connection with the supernatural. As I grew older, I realized it was my deep connection to God.

These factors influenced how I came to recognize my own mental illness and bravely speak out about it. Several of my family members were also struggling with schizophrenia, which is perhaps the most difficult mental illness to treat.



Founder and CEO of Canada Vision Power Ltd.

Author of Paradox
Certified Holistic Nutritionist

     By the International Organization of Nutritional Consultant
Certified Specialist in Hypnosis and Grief Recovery

     By American Hypnosis Association

Member of 
 International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine (ISOM)
 International Association of Coaching

☛ Member of American Hypnosis Association (AHA)
 Independent Book Publisher Association (IBPA)
 International Mental Game Coaching Association 

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I married at an early age to escape argumentative parents and unstable parental family, but I found myself married to an abusive man. I never spoke up about his disrespect and physical assault, for which I partly attributed my silence to my autism tendency.


After my first marriage fell apart, I remarried relatively quickly and found myself in an even worse situation with a man of routinely physical abuse. We moved to the US, then to Canada. I left briefly living alone for half a year to escape from his violence. When I returned to him, I found myself mentally and physically battered. It brought about my first period of deep depression and anxiety.

After my second marriage ended, I began to withdraw and self-isolate. When I reflected the failure of this second marriage after my holistic recovery, I started to understand the root of my suffering was my physical health problem which I couldn’t birth a baby. The suffering deteroirated my mental health condition as well. As a return, the severe low mental frequency made me couldn’t handle the conflict and relationship properly.


Without noticing my poor mental conditions, both my mind and body cells were shut down to a slow suicide mode. I changed to another person both in life habits and thoughts. I discovered why this was happening while going through my episodes of schizophrenia. I learned that after experiencing trauma, all the negative feelings such as distress, pain, and upset bioaccumulate in our body-mind-spirit. There will normally be two reactions in our bodies; one is an adaptation, and the other is mitigation. The mitigation led to my significant personality change. I also became alcohol dependent.

After a long struggle, I made another deadly decision and married a narcissist and extremely selfish man. However, I also got the best gift and my hope of life from God, my beautiful baby girl, Amy. One year later, I lost my father to cancer. It was another huge blow to my psyche. With the “help” of my third narcissistic partner and all the defeats of life, I experienced schizophrenia for the first time and began taking psychiatric medication from the spring of 2013. Although I was broken both physically and mentally, I moved with my husband, mother, and child to Canada. ​

My third marriage was tumultuous. My husband’s abuse in the form of gaslighting caused me to lose my ability of differentiating reality from imagination and ultimately led me to a further two episodes of schizophrenia. My divorce with him from 2017 involved series lawsuits, the argument in my business and life circle. It was a wonderful living show of truth and evil in this real world, instead of a fiction story.

The  unsculpulous abuse in all psychological, mental, financial and physical aspects from my narcissist husband, so-called "family friend" and "business partner", were greatly attributed to the discrimination of mental disease in society and the side effects of psychiatric medicine wreaked havoc on my entire brain and body. It led me to begin researching psychiatric medications. I realized that little is known about their paradoxical mechanism, the fact they are highly addictive and toxic.


Since “there is no way to promise a successful withdrawal from psychotropic medicine and holistic recovery” (excerpt from Paradox), the essential step towards my recovery from mental illness, using my holistic approach, was a reunion with my faith.


In my book, Paradox, you will find the experiential guide on the transboundary approach including orthomolecular nutrition and mind training to fulfill a life transcendence. My practice utilizes a reliance on a higher power to begin the spiritual metamorphosis of healing, achieve holistic health and carry out better performance in every walk of life. My reliance on God, as well as the "locus of control" on myself, allowed me to move away from my reliance on psychiatry.


"Paradox is a fascinating look at what living with a highly

stigmatized illness entails, and for those suffering, it gives

hope that they can utilize Rosalyn Hui as a Cellular Mind

Coach to live their best lives possible."


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