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“The principles of good nutrition are universal. If we can comprehensively nourish the human body daily with the full spectrum of essential nutrients in the right forms, amounts, and in the proper balance, we can sustain long-term health and effectively avoid degenerative disease. Health, after all, must begin at the cellular level.”

Dr. Myron Wentz

"The mind, body, and spirit connection is also applied at the cellular level. The sub-optimal health can be easily understood when looking at the concept of cell nutrition. When cells are in survival mode, their ability to defeat viruses and bacteria is relatively stronger. But the cells just couldn’t activate themselves into an optimal state. That’s why when we are in sub-optimal health, we can defend ourselves from acute viruses. We seldom get fever or infections, but just feel a lack of energy, are always sleepy and look pale. That is because of the connection between body and mind, overloaded stress is the major reason to make body cells shut themselves down from thriving."

Excerpt from PARADOX Collection


The human body is made of about 75 Trillion cells, that's 75,000,000,000,000 cells! The number of body cells depends on the body size. The body cells are forming tissues and tissues are forming organs, then organs are forming systems and systems are forming the human body.

We can understand the almighty power of the Creator when we see the heaven-sent mechanism of our human body. Each organ of our body is a wondrous gift from God.  In its precisely operated process, our cells are the smallest and most basic units, as a quantum is to any physical entity, a photon to light, a neuron to a brain, a single thought to the mind. This mind, body and spirit system protects us from harm, perceives pain, responses to infection, generates antibodies and exerts our full potentials in all aspects of our work and life. The capacity of cells to reproduce and attest our own “divine nature” is the sacred gift from God. Such a marvelous creation is not simply a coincidence in the evolution alone. Just think based on the quantity of cells, how many coincidences it would need to have a small improvement on a single function?


“Behold, all these are kingdoms, and any man who hath seen any or the least of these hath seen God moving in his majesty and power.”

[Doctrine and Covenants 88:47]

Throughout history, we humans have been always made tireless efforts to explore this amazing mechanism created by the Lord. Our spirit is nurtured by eternal truth*; while our cells require nutrition to reproduce, replenish and rejuvenate.


* Refer to the speech in the LDS Church of Jesus Christ General Conference in Apr. 2012, “Thank Be to God” by Russell M. Nelson

Nutrition Cocktail

To study inter-relationships of nutrition to human homeostasis at a cellular level, researchers use the cell-culture system. It is a system where specific types of cells can be grown in laboratory conditions. Cell-culture system provides researchers with powerful tools to study what is happening inside a cell in response to a particular treatment. For example, the study of how vitamin A might influence the production of a particular protein in liver cells.

"Cellular nutrition is the foundation for successfully practising orthomolecular nutrition therapy. Let me give an example of orthomolecular nutrition at a cellular level. Due to chronic nutrition deficiency, our body cells shrivel up. With orthomolecular therapy, the shrinking cells are soaked in a combination of high-quality, balanced, and optimal nutrients. Like a holistic cocktail, this nourishment will replenish and rejuvenate our cells and then awaken our whole mind-and-body system."

Excerpt from my PARADOX Collection


Common Misconception about Nutrition


One common misconception about cellular nutrition is that we often try to replenish a nutrient deficiency by only taking a single nutrient supplement. Many widely considered health saviours, like soy isoflavone or resveratrol, are used alone in a long term, actually are quite controversial in the nutritional academic inner circle.

This would not work because our body works in a synergy effect, meaning for our body to absorb a nutrient, we will have to maintain optimal levels of many other nutrients that aid the absorption of that single nutrient.  When all of the necessary nutrients are provided to the cell in a complete and balanced nutritional supplement, the combined effect is more with less, and most importantly, safe to our long-term health. The potency of these nutrients optimizes our body’s natural antioxidants, improves our immune, and repairs our mind-body health system.

"Sometimes, the things are superficially looked like the same thing, in fact, are poles apart. Most of us are never told that a nutrient supplement product with cutting-edge cellular science and cell signalling technology is completely a different thing from our conventional definition of nutrition product. Even we are told, it may be difficult to believe with this new technology, the reproduction, rejuvenation and replenishment of body cells can be programmed and manipulated in a good way. New science and technology always need time to become understood by the market."

Excerpt from my PARADOX Collection

Cellular Nutrition and Immunity

From my own experience, when we have a long-term depressed mood and extra anxiety, we need more nutrition regarding quantity and quality, to maintain the body’s natural immune ability.

According to the statement in the book The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements, which was jointly written and published by many leading nutritional authorities, such as Julian Whitaker Ph.D., Ray Kurzweil, Terry Grossman Ph.D., and deceased nutrition expert Robert Atkins Ph.D. - only the optimal combination of essential nutrients can maintain the balance of mind-body-spirit, correct physical imbalances, and damage, as well as strengthen the immune system.


Cellular Nutrition and Allergy

Allergies are an exaggerated immune response to one’s diet or other components absorbed by our body. Cellular nutrition can program immune response and is important for ensuring the appropriate function of the immune system to reduce or radically cure the symptoms of an allergy.

After two years of ingesting regular doses of USANA’s children’s products*, my daughter Amy’s unusual allergy to mango and shrimps was cured. Compared with the traditional remedy by simply avoiding the allergens, it was greatly benefited from balanced formula not only limited to zinc, vitamin D, and effective strains of pre-and probiotics.

* Refer to Amy’s USANA monthly product combination as a child ages 3-12. Currently. She is taking Body Rox™ as a pre-teen now.


☛ Top: Amy in 2019 

☛ Bottom: Amy in 2021

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