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Total Body Health in 28 Days with Rosalyn Hui!

Health lies at the center of our lives. Our mentality is critical as the invisible foundation of our health. Every part of our life relies on having good health. We can’t go higher in any other area such as love, family, wealth, learning, and friendship without it.

Everything has a price in this world. Only health doesn’t have a price tag. Health leads to every aspect of the manifesto and fulfillment of our lives. Most of us want insurance against financial and health catastrophes. However, isn’t the power to heal the best security for our futures and already within ourselves? This is true of holistic health.

Living in healthy and holistic harmony can be challenging in today’s toxic world. But we can all activate our subconscious to repair the damage done to our minds, bodies, and spirits.

When we appreciate and trust our body’s own internal healing mechanism and spiritual growth ability, we will find ourselves closer to higher consciousness and intelligence.

Faith is essential for Mind Training practices. Actually, there are many forms of addiction in our lives that can be helped by spiritual Faith. Many people are biologically living in the past without knowing it because the addiction to those emotions and familiarities gives the brain and body a burst of energy. These kinds of addiction are caused by the mismanagement of thoughts and mind signaling genes, creating diseases and inhibiting our better performance.

The process of transcending our ordinary life and manifesting a better self, are the ways to achieve or maintain holistic health and are all considered procedures to probe the way of faith.


“Believe in ourselves, and our inherent mind powers.”

* The photo of me on my degree certificate, taken in 1998;


* The photo of me on my International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test. It was taken in 2014, when I landed in Vancouver, with severe sleeping problems and schizophrenia;


January 2019 - I was providing Cellular Mind Group Training for small businesses


[Luke 1:37]

 Transcend your past and ordinary life

 Awaken your energy

 Train your brain

 Stop settling for second best

Our business model has been developed to fit our client’s specific health and growth requirements and develop an integrated solution to scientifically and effectively deal with their individual requirements. Web-based interactive solution models together with a tailored cellular nutrition supplement scheme, and New Age Cellular Healing Mechanics to manifest holistic health physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and mentally.

 Transcend your past and ordinary life

 Awaken your energy

 Train your brain

 Stop settling for second best