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Do you want to be amongst the first group of avid readers from Amazon to read and review my book – the Paradox?  

I’m recruiting a team of beta-readers to help with my Amazon self-published book launch: Paradox – Overcoming my battles with schizophrenia and learning to heal.

Note: My books are not for the faint at heart
(for mature audiences only).

Calling All Amazon Book Enthusiasts to Join My Launch Team!


I’m aiming to climb to #1 on Amazon (in the Mind, Body and Spirit; Religions, Philosophies and Science category):

I want you to be a part of this amazing journey to the top!

My launch date is scheduled for Saturday, September 19th. 2021. Be a part of the first group of people to read about my metamorphosis journey of holistic transcendence from schizophrenia, and get a huge discount to purchase or a free book!


Destiny is a musical score born with us, and we are the players. Depending on how we play and interpret, the music may turn out quite different as time passes by.”                               

 – Except from my new book Paradox.

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"No more secrets… No more lies... And no more fear!

See through the surface! Transcend your present! And envision your future.

There are no more skeletons lurking in dark closets... This is my story, told my way to turn hurts to heal.”

By exploring mental illness and holistic recovery, the connection of mind, body, and spirit, as well as tear-dropping personal experiences, Paradox goes into a deep discussion of integrated holistic remedy through my own practice:


How do you know you are healthy? 
From lab results? From your own perceptions? 
Or from the reflections of others? 
Can doctors and hospitals really tell you whether or not you’re healthy? 
Have you ever thought of seeking help holistically? 
Or have the pharmaceutical and chemical forms of medicine become deeply rooted in your belief system?

Overcoming my battles over schizophrenia and leaning to heal



Book Description


Life is full of paradoxes.

Sometimes, the things that come from different origins and are regarded as completely divergent, have the same core and nature. Sometimes, the things that superficially look like the same thing, are in fact, poles apart.

Rosalyn Hui’s episodes of mental disorders, her family’s poor health, helps show that the understanding of disease might need to be evolved in such a changing age: “Medicine isn’t even the best approach to provide a cure.”

Based on her own research, I developed what I call “the paradox of psychiatric methodology.” This is the inexplainable suffering of mental patients and the practice of my recovery as well. The book of Paradox also covers topics include:

  • The short and long-term toxic effects of psychiatric medicine.

  • The significance of developing an awareness of latent mental cases.

  • An alternative analysis of mental illness based on the relationship between mind, body, and spirit.

  • How faith works during recovery from severe mental disease and withdrawal of psychiatric drugs.

“Everything has a price in this world. Only health doesn’t have a price tag."  Health leads to every aspect of the manifesto and fulfillment of our lives. Most of us want insurance against financial and health catastrophes. However, isn’t the power to heal the best security for our futures and already within ourselves? This is true of holistic health.

Living in healthy and holistic harmony can be challenging in today’s toxic world. But we can all activate our subconscious to repair the damage done to our minds, bodies, and spirits.”


---- Excerpt from Paradox

In Paradox, you will find the practical guide on the transboundary approach including holistic orthomolecular nutrition and mind training to achieve life transcendence.


Paradox is about the journey of overcoming to becoming, empowering ourselves, and igniting the inherent cellular healing system in our body. I want to share my story to more people, especially to help whom or whose close families and friends are suffering from different kinds of mental condition, and seeking an ultimate holistic solution to heal.


I believe you would like to help!


Are You Ready to Be a Part of My Launch Team?

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My personal journey is an unusual and harrowing one.

I was raised in a family dominated by my mother struggling with latent schizophrenia. Then just as I was finding my way in the world, the trauma of losing my extremely tolerant and hard-working father 10 years ago, I manifested as schizophrenia.


I was poisoned by toxic psychiatric medicine, abused by my ex-husband, and faced discrimination and betrayal from my closest family friend, who turned out to be a narcissist.


Full of gratitude for all the positive support my new community provided, I became my own “little white lab mouse,” and finally won the battle over my mental disease, holistically.

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