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Chronic and degenerative diseases (CDD) are non-infectious and non-transmissible diseases of long duration and slow progression, including obesity, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, osteoporosis, neurodegenerative disease, diabetes, and many cancers. The cause of the disease is often complicated. Indeed, scientists believe that most chronic degenerative diseases are caused by a combination of genetic and lifestyle factors, in particular, poor nutrition.

Dr. Linus Pauling


February 28, 1901–August 19, 1994

☛ American chemist, biochemist, peace activist, author, and       


☛ One of the twenty greatest scientists of all time.

☛ One of the founders in the fields of quantum chemistry and

      molecular biology.

 The only person in history to have been awarded two unshared Nobel Prizes.

 Co-founder of Linus Pauling Institute.

"Due to the material prosperity and overall increase on the agricultural production, many people may believe we are in an age of overnutrition other than a nutritional deficiency. Obesity is such a pervasive issue. The fact is just the opposite.


As the basis of human metabolism, nutrition is divided into macronutrients and micronutrients. Macronutrients include fat, protein and carbohydrates, which can be easily acquired from diet and food. They are the major sources to provide us with calories to grow and live. Micronutrients represent the vitamins and minerals that help our cells function optimally. They are essential to maintain healthy homeostasis. However, the dramatic increase of the agricultural output makes the soil lack those essential minerals and vitamins needed by plants, animals and human beings.


We are actually in an era of having excessive macronutrients but being intensely deficient in micronutrients. The prevalent nutritional problem Dr. Pauling pointed out is the latter one, micronutrients deficiency."

Excerpt from my PARADOX Collection


Orthomolecular nutrition is an emerging intervention for health disorders but has had many successful cases over the years. It is a natural approach for maintaining human health and preventing disease through nutritional supplements. Also known as megavitamin therapy, orthomolecular nutrition practice involves taking large doses of vitamins and minerals in a comprehensive and balanced formula to correct imbalances and deficiencies, as well as to alter a body’s biochemical environment.


"This theory is easy to be understood from the basic principle of Chinese medicine. In a Chinese medicine prescription, the doctors often take control on the dosage of primary remedies. Small doses keep us healthy and sometimes detox, whereas the larger doses cure. However, when the patients are prescribed with the larger doses of Chinese medicine, they must compromise with the ineffective ingredients and their potential detriment to individual micro-cosmos. It may come to a same situation of allopathy medicine, like a Chinese saying: “Killing a thousand by losing eight hundred”. But Chinese medicine has an advantage compared with Western pharmacology and low-quality nutrition as well, is that the adjuvants can be added to prescription to neutralize the negative effects of primary remedies. 

The science of Chinese pharmacology is more understandable to me from the view of nutrition rather than medicine. Only it is not a study at a molecular level as western study. I seriously discussed my understanding with Chinese medicine experts when I was doing USANA business. As a matter of fact, they accepted my opinion on the difference between the structure of the compound of Chinese herbal or animal remedies and cellular nutrition.  "

 Excerpt from PARADOX Collection

1.3.3 intelligence.jpg


Mind is the set of faculties including cognitive aspects such as consciousness, imagination, perception, thinking, intelligence, judgment, language, and memory, as well as emotion and instinct. Among all these cognitive processes, intelligence is the most important for the human species. As the product of brain activity, growing evidence shows that the mind goes far beyond the physical workings of your brain. Instead, it leads to the evolvement and connection of mind, body, and spirit, and in the vortex of the human universe.

Mismanagement of mind and thoughts lead to many non-infectious diseases, including chronic degenerative diseases. Fortunately, based on the development of clinical Neuroscience and Orthomolecular Neurology, it is phenomenal that human intelligence can be effectively transcended.

In Neuroscience, brainpower can be improved by increasing the size or numbers of neurons in the brain. However, in normal circumstances, if we want to increase the size of the quantity of neuro, physical conditions limit us. The only way is to create a positive dramatic change. Otherwise, we can only use our brain in a limited “better” way but we can not evoke it.

"This is understandable from a concept in traditional Chinese medicine of breaking through the conception and governor's vessels. It is a spiritual concept, not a physical one. Theoretically, once it happens, the mind and body can reach homeostasis. However, this rarely happens in ordinary life, but it has been noted in some religious or Kung Fu practitioners. Chinese medicine, as ancient wisdom with thousand years of history, focuses more on the intangible mind, spirit, energy, and Qi, but not on the study of materials and substances, especially at the molecular level.


On the contrary, Western medical and nutrition treatment both are strong on the physical body and cells. With the help of orthomolecular nutrition, this dramatic change can be stimulated in our bodies, and nutritional deficiencies produced by the vicious mind–body–spirit cycle can be corrected, too. The fusion of Western and Chinese science makes this theoretical concept a reality."

Excerpt From PARADOX Collection



The debate between Orthomolecular (vitamins) and Pharmaceutical (medication) has never ceased over the decades. The major refutation for Megavitamin Therapy is the safety of intake nutrition over large doses. It is indisputable that not all the supplements and nutrient substances are suitable for the treatment and can provide a safe bottom-line.

At the end of 2019 I noticed early symptoms of sleep depreviation were emerging because of the menticides of narticissts. Considering the cellular nutrition helped me passively withdraw the killing psychiatric medication in 2018, then I had the confidence to try it as megavitamin therapy*. I combined regular doses of cell nutrition as a foundation of optimal nutrition cocktail. After I overcame the tide of overthinking and sleep problem, I gradually reduced most of the nutrient supplement to normal dose." 


- Left top: Me in 1998, when I graduated from University

- Right Top: Me in May 2014. I had been taking psychiatric medication since the spring of 2013.

- Left Bottom: Me in 2017. I was stable by taking medication and in an exercise recovery regime. 

- Right Bottom: Me in 2021. I applied orthomolecular nutrition and achieved holistic health.


 Transcend your past and ordinary life

 Awaken your energy

 Train your brain

 Stop settling for second best

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