Exploring mental illness and the recovery, even in its severest forms, Paradox gives insight into the struggle and redemption anyone is capable of, using certain modalities presented by Rosalyn Hui.


Life is full of paradoxes.

What we saw may have a veil,

What we heard may be a tale.

What we thought impossible may turn into a living miracle,

What we believe to be everlasting may fade, with no trail.


The truth is difficult to know.

With all the setbacks rebirth into a victorious hail,

The broken heart is the bedrock of a healing soul.

May the valley floor become the cradle of vision,

The way down always ends with the way uphill.


All the destinies are fair, though.

What we lost yesterday, in a better presence,

Awaits us at the end of the wail.

We get what we gave,

Nothing else can be such real.


We are seen and blessed.

No one can ensure a perfect way out, still,

Without faith, what can we bring back to the table?

Desperation is an illusion, so is hope,

Give me a reason not to fulfill.

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Life is full of paradoxes.

Sometimes, the things that come from different origins and are regarded as completely divergent, have the same core and nature. Sometimes, the things that superficially look like the same thing, are in fact, poles apart.

Based on my own research and experience, I have developed what I call “the paradox of psychiatric methodology.” The topics covered include:

  • The short and long-term toxic effects of psychiatric medicine.

  • The significance of developing an awareness of latent mental cases.

  • An alternative analysis of mental illness based on the relationship between mind, body, and spirit.

  • How faith works during recovery from severe mental disease and withdrawal of poisonous psychiatric drugs.

In this book, you will find the practical guide on the transboundary approach including holistic orthomolecular nutrition and mind training to achieve life transcendence.

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Mama, I want to tell you

Words in my throat, but I have to swallow

Mama, I want to smile at you

The tree never blossoms when we sit toe by toe


Mama in the moonlight

Pray to the fairies from every side

Mama in the moonlight

Fear in your eyes never hides


When your hair sprinkles with frost

Your eyes lose the light

Mama in the moonlight

We all pray for you to look from the bright side.

(By Rosalyn Hui)


When the petals fall apart from the flower,

Secret fragrance flow.

Fading after the wind and rain,

The scene, I don’t want others to know.


I risk myself going,

For love telling me so.

Let the darkness devours my heart,

A new life revives above the rainbow.


That moment was eternal,

When I found out you cajole.

You burn out all my branches,

But not my roots and soul.


Until He bathes me in His glory,

The light buries all my sorrow.

See my years rejuvenated through time,

Along with the springs stroll.


When the petals fall apart from the flower,

Left the secret fragrance, my solo.

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