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Start Your Journey and Reinvent Yourself

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Did you know that Americans are the unhappiest they've been in 50 years?

According to the study, just 14% of people in the US would class themselves as very happy, and that figure keeps dropping. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on mental health, leaving people feeling isolated and lonely. But, we were a nation of unhappy people long before the virus struck.

One reason for this unhappiness is that we're losing touch with our own emotions and how to control them. If you're not properly tuned in to your thoughts and feelings and, more importantly why you're having them, negativity can quickly spiral out of control and you can develop bad habits that turn into bad life choices

If you've had enough and want to reinvent yourself, find out about cellular nutrition with our guide.

What's the Problem?

The past, present, and future are all closely linked. What's already happened in your life directly influences what you do today and the thoughts you have. Every choice you make is a result of what's already happened.

The experiences you've had put you in a cycle; otherwise known as your personality. They create who you are and make sure that you make the same choices every time, leading to the same experiences, and the same outcomes. You're stuck in a pattern that's incredibly hard to break, but not impossible.

If you're not happy with yourself and your life, the key to turning things around lies in detaching yourself from the emotions related to your past. Once you start to change how you think, you can start to change your future and the whole world around you!

My Experiences

I didn't have the easiest start in life. Throughout my childhood, I experienced horrible bullying while also feeling super anxious about the impending divorce of my parents. When they let me chose which parent I would live with, you can imagine that it didn't make things much easier.

Things didn't get better after this. There were still endless conflicts in the family and my mom's mental condition of mania became an everyday struggle. By the time I was a preteen, I was incredibly miserable and wanted to escape.

I just couldn't find myself anymore and, whatever I was, I didn't want to be me.

It wasn't until I met my mentor that my cycle of misery, depression, and self-sabotage started to change. I began to see the hope that there was a way out of the life I felt trapped in, and the person, too! The idea that I could reinvent myself was starting to become a reality, and I began to learn more about holistic health.

The process wasn't easy of course. But I was incredibly grateful to my mentor for taking me under her wing and helping me when I couldn't help myself. From dawn till dusk, I had support, which was exactly what I needed to start my journey of recovery.

How to Reinvent Yourself

If you too are in a cycle you want to escape, you can! I'm here to tell you that it's entirely possible for you to change yourself, your life, and the path you're heading down - and it all starts now.

Most people use their past experiences as a learning experience to help them make future decisions. This isn't weird, it's just human nature! We're all tied to our memories, whether they're sad or happy, and can often slip back into those emotions in similar situations without noticing.

Over time, this obsession with the past shapes our ideas of who we think we are, what can and can't do, and what we'll be in the future. The concept of change slowly disappears. This is where cellular mind coaching will help you.

The first step to reinventing yourself is to change the beliefs that are embedded in your subconscious. These thoughts and ideas will be second-nature to you now, but you can change that. The second step to rewire your mindset is to use your new beliefs to forge new, healthier habits that will help you follow a better and brighter path.

Your future relies so much on what you manifest. If you think it's out of your control right now, it isn't! Your thoughts can turn into actions and these are what dictate your life, and you can change your whole life by simply changing your thoughts.

What is Cellular Mind Training and Cellular Nutrition?

It's all very well and good saying that changing your thoughts can change your life, but how do you do it? This is where cellular mind training comes in. So, what is cellular mind coaching?

Cellular mind coaching is based on findings from neuroscience and neuroplastic findings, which is the brain's ability to recognize itself and for neural pathways to change and transform over your life. It's based on four principles:

  • Cellular Communication

  • Cellular Environment

  • Cellular Exercise

  • Cellular Nutrition

With a portable tool like My Health Portal, you can put these practices into place whenever you need them. Mental problems don't pick and choose when they arrive, which is why you need something to help you on the go to provide guidance and analysis of your current state.

What is Cellular Communication?

This is the process of clearing your mind of emotional trauma from your past. Deal with issues that are stifling you today and free yourself of their restrictions in your future.

What is Cellular Environment?

Consider your environment every day and whether it's helping or hindering you. Find a place to heal and get in touch with nature - it has a lot to offer!

What is Cellular Exercise?

Stimulate your lymphatic system with a tailored exercise program and clear your mind and body of emotional trauma.

What is Cellular Nutrition?

Supply your body and brain with the nutrition it needs to thrive. By focusing on your physical health, you'll start to focus more on how you're feeling and get back in touch with your body, which is closely linked to mental health.

Start Your Journey and Reinvent Yourself

The idea of combining cellular nutrition, exercise, environment, and communication is designed to help you identify yourself and reinvent yourself. By becoming more aware of your thoughts and why you make certain decisions, you can change them. Once you do this, your whole perspective on the world will shift!

To find out more, be sure to take a look at my page discussing cellular nutrition. If you'd like to start your journey to reinvent yourself, get in touch with me today and we can shape your new future together.

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