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Gratitude/Career/Family/Money​/Balance/Personal Growth/Transformation

We invite you to share a gratitude story below, about yourself or another person, reflecting on the question:
“How has gratefulness shifted a moment, an experience, or a lifetime?”

If your story is selected, we may contact you for an interview to polish your article to be posted.
☛ If your story is posted, it may also be translated into Chinese and posted on our Partner sites.
Or, you could make an appointment, tell us your story.

Please follow these recommendations when submitting your story:

☛ Please be as specific as possible. We invite you to build your piece around a particular story

a happening, a series of related events, or a set of circumstances

☛ and how you (or the person you are writing about) were personally affected in the context of grateful living.

☛ Suggested word count: 400-1200 words

☛ Feel free to include a high-resolution image (at least 500 pixels x 500 pixels)

☛ Please include a short bio (up to 80 words) along with a headshot of you (at least 300 x 300 pixels)

Upload a Word Doc or Text File, please


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