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PARADOX Collection


Do you want to be amongst the first group of avid readers from Amazon to read and review the 1st book: The Battle in my new book collection: Paradox?  

Calling All Amazon Book Enthusiasts to Join My Launch Team!

Note: My books are not for the faint at heart
(for mature audiences only).

I’m recruiting a team of beta-readers to help with my Amazon self-published book launch: The Battle - Back to reality from my lucid dream.

THE BATTLE sample chapter is now ready!


PARADOX Compilation 1st Edition published on October 2022 and Ranked on AMAZON:
NOW is the turn for

#1 New Release in Mind and Body 
New Release in Philosophy of Laws 
    in North America Market. 

8 Best Selling ranks in 3 major markets: 
#1 in US market of Personal Health - Mind Body Spirit 
#1 in US in Taoism 
#1 in US in Cultural Anthropology 
*** *** *** 
#1 in Canada market of Domestic Law and Relations 
#1 in Canada in Religions Psychology 
#1 in Canada in Taoism 
*** *** *** 
#1 in India in Law 
#1 in India in Taoism